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Find out how you could get more value for your health care dollar with our high-performing network, integrated Rx benefits, health management programs, and cost management strategies.

Better health care. Controlled costs. Real Proof.

With national reach and 4x the number of providers participating in value-based programs as the competition, our Blues® Plans combine access, quality, and affordability.

Highmark’s on-staff pharmacists use real-time medical and prescription data to reduce harmful drug interactions. So your employees stay safe and costs stay under control.

From identifying overpayments to investigating fraud, our extensive step-by-step payment integrity process helps ensure claims are legitimate, appropriate, and accurately paid.

Working with leading providers such as Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Highmark is establishing new best practices in cancer care—saving lives and dollars.

True Performance gives providers the tools they need to deliver higher-quality preventive care. This helps keep your employees healthy and avoid costly emergency care. See what participating doctors and nurses have to say.

Be an employer that offers employees access to convenient, high-quality primary care providers (PCPs) and specialty care with affordable Highmark health plans.

Want to find out how Highmark can deliver more value for your health care dollar?

As health care costs keep rising, we know you expect better care for your employees. But in addition to quality, you’re concerned about how to control costs long-term. As part of the 2nd largest Integrated Delivery and Financing System (IDFS) in the country, and through our extensive clinical collaborations—we’re delivering better care for less.

How? We improve the value of your coverage in several ways:

  • Our High-Performing Network
  • Integrated Rx and Medical Benefits
  • Health Management
  • Cost Management

Highmark is dedicated to improving access to care, providing a standout customer experience, and ensuring high-quality and safe outcomes for our members, all at a better value for you and your employees.

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