Integrated Pharmacy Benefits

Adding integrated pharmacy benefits to your medical coverage helps keep costs in check while keeping your employees healthy. Highmark clients enjoy an average savings of $172 per member per year with integrated pharmacy coverage.1

Why Choose Highmark for Integrated Pharmacy Benefits?

Combining pharmacy and medical coverage with Highmark can mean better overall benefits for your employees and big savings for you. Members with integrated Rx coverage have:


  • 3% fewer emergency room visits and 5% lower costs per visit
  • 5% fewer hospitalizations and 16% lower costs per hospitalization
  • Up to 15% lower costs for cancer drugs
  • Greater adherence to medications, when they have chronic conditions2

Comprehensive Prescription Coverage

Highmark goes above and beyond to provide tailored, convenient care. Our pharmacy coverate includes:

Quality, affordable medication:

On-staff pharmacists build drug formularies that give your employees access to effective drugs at the lowest net cost.


Network Access:

Our retail pharmacy networks give your employees easy access to effective, affordable medications.


Specialty drug management:

Our exclusive specialty drug partnerships help reduce costs while providing effective therapy.


Care advocacy and outreach:

On-staff pharmacists, case managers, and health coaches work together to keep healthy employees feeling their best and help eliminate unnecessary procedures and services. Our team also guides patients to take drugs as prescribed and avoid dangerous interactions – resulting in 5% fewer hospitalizations for your employees.2


Is your healthcare coverage complete?

Is your health care coverage complete?


Help attract the talent you want and keep them healthy, all while controlling your costs.
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1 Compared to clients who use third-party Prescription Benefits Manager (PBM). For employers with fully insured plans, savings are built into their health plan rate.

2 “Highmark Analysis: Carve In vs. Carve Out.” Highmark. Sept. 2016.

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