Ensuring a brighter future

78% of parents say that paying for college is their biggest financial concern. The College Tuition Benefit (CTB) helps offset the cost of college for families that have Highmark insurance.

college tuition benefit

Up to 25% of college tuition, covered.

The CTB works a lot like a scholarship program. Subscribers earn tuition points, which are evenly spread across four years of undergraduate education. Every tuition point equals $1 of tuition at one of over 400 participating private colleges and universities across the country.

Earning points

Your employees earn 2,000 points annually for every Highmark Medical or Blue Edge Dental plan they’re enrolled in. The more eligible plans your employees enroll in, the more points they can earn.

earning points

Good for all kinds of loved ones

The CTB program isn't just for people with children. Tuition points can be used to pay tuition for stepchildren, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and more.


What’s the deadline to register?

Subscribers must register their students before August 24 of their junior year of high school to be eligible.

Do tuition rewards expire?

Nope. Institutions can stop participating in the program, but they will honor Tuition Rewards earned up to the date of withdrawal.

Want to know more?

Your Highmark representative can tell you more about this and other programs that help keep your employees engaged with their health.