Delaware Plans

Available only in Pennsylvania and Delaware: Affordable access to coverage through a strong network of primary care physicians and specialists.

Exceptional coverage and choices that help members balance costs.

Our plans come with over 75,000 points of access, including over 740 Visionworks locations across the U.S. and retailers like Sears, JCPenney’s, Target, Lens Crafters and Pearle Vision.

Balanced Funding is a self-funded plan that gives you more flexibility by combining claims costs, administrative fees,
and stop loss insurance premium payments into one single fixed monthly payment.* 

*Stop loss insurance is provided by a separate company that does not provide Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield products or services.

Proper dental care has a big impact on your overall health. Blue Edge Dental offers 3 different plans that give for flexible and affordable coverage for you and your family.

Additional Resources to Help You Pick the Right Plan

Deductibles, copays, coinsurance: Every health plan has some kind of out-of-pocket costs for your employees. Luckily, spending accounts can help pay for some of those expenses. See what spending accounts pair best with your health plan.

Choosing Highmark for dental, vision, and pharmacy coverage can help you attract and keep a healthy, productive workforce – all while lowering costs.

Highmark’s on-staff pharmacists use real-time medical and prescription data to reduce harmful drug interactions. So your employees stay safe and costs stay under control.

Highmark offers two primary funding options for our commercial group health plans.

It’s important that everyone in your organization takes full advantage of better care and lower costs. Here’s how to target them to get on board.

With Highmark, you receive coordinated coverage, improved health outcomes, and affordable services. Here’s what to consider before making a choice.

Get more value for your health care dollar with our high-performing network, integrated Rx benefits, health management programs, and cost management strategies.

Help your employees take advantage of all their health plan has to offer, like health and wellness programs, our member portal, online tools, and member discounts.

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Help your employees take advantage of all their health plan has to offer, including our member portal, online tools, and member discounts.