HMO Plans

HMO members have access to a high quality network of community and specialty hospitals and physicians.

This product is different because it’s an HMO, which means there are no out-of-network benefits and member cost-sharing is the same no matter which HMO providers members choose.

Members are covered for a broad range of care, including:

Routine and Preventive Care

Specialty Care

Hospital Care

Women’s Care

HMO members

HMO Advantages:

  • Choose a primary care physician to conduct routine care and exams.
  • No referrals needed for coverage in network.
  • Enjoy low deductibles, low copays and 100 percent coverage of most services.
  • Includes emergency coverage no matter where you are – even out of network.

An HMO may also cover:

  • Emergency care most anywhere.
  • Injuries or illnesses that cannot wait for treatment when out of the local service area.
  • Follow-up care for services that started before members left home.
  • Care for long-term travelers, separated families or students living away from home.
Emergency care