Health Management

Our population health management approach is data-driven and outcome-focused to improve the health of your entire workforce. 

At Highmark, we put your employees’ health at the center of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive population health management approach to improve the health of each individual.

Population health management is data-driven and outcome-focused, targeted to your workforce to deliver more value. For members with complex health issues, we provide access to the tools and the health care providers they need to manage their condition. For other members, we focus on the importance of preventive care so they stay healthy. 

Improving Your Employees’ Health

We help your employees manage their health in several ways:

  • Activate: We encourage members to take an active role in their health every day, not just when they’re sick, with incentive and rewards programs.
  • Engage: We help members maintain and manage their health through health coaching and other tools. And we proactively engage at-risk members with a care manager and multidisciplinary team support to help them better manage their conditions.
  • Navigate: We know that health care can be confusing. We help members understand their options to make informed choices about care and costs.

The Benefits of Care Management

Sometimes the traditional care team of physicians and nurses aren’t enough. For members with complex health conditions, we proactively coordinate care with a multidisciplinary team overseen by a care manager.

This approach lets us manage your employees’ needs for a high-touch member experience. We make sure your employees get the right care at the right time, resulting in:

  • Improved care quality and health outcomes
  • Better patient experience due to improved care coordination between different teams and resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower costs (due to fewer hospital admissions and ER visits)
  • Increased employee engagement in managing their own health

In fact, 30% of health care costs are unnecessary due to inefficient care and missed preventive care opportunities.[1] Nationwide, $18 billion can be saved annually if patients with avoidable health issues took advantage of preventive care.[2]

Learn more about how health management works.

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