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You want proof that Lehigh Valley Flex Blue delivers?

Employers offering LVFB have seen claims and emergency room visits go down by 3%

No problem.

Since we launched Lehigh Valley Flex Blue (LVFB) over two years ago, employers who switched from their PPO plan have enjoyed on average:

  • more cost savings
  • healthier employees
  • better quality of care

But don’t take our word for it. Here are the stats that prove it.

Meanwhile, those who stuck with their PPO plans ...

Claims costs increased by 22% and ER visits increased by 27%

Need more proof?

  • LVFB plan members are 10% more likely to use Lehigh Valley Health Network providers.
  • And 13% more likely to receive preventive care vs. PPO plan members.

Let's break down what it all means.

man at desk

Employees are:

  • paying less out of pocket
  • opting for high-quality care from Lehigh Valley Health Network providers participating at the Enhanced Value level of benefits
  • engaging with their health via preventive care


Providers are better able to:

  • share data, resources, and best practices
  • deliver the right care, at the right time, at the right place

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And you benefit with:

  • healthier, more productive employees
  • reduced health care costs

Want to Learn More?

Contact your broker or representative for information on care for you and your employees.

Search for doctors and hospitals in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding area.

Read about how Highmark and LVHN coordinate to deliver better value care.

Meet Katie; she’s Living Proof of care and coverage working together, like they should.

The statements and projections contained in these materials are generally based upon our experience and findings as well as, in some cases, estimations. The actual experience for a client may vary depending upon plan design and regulatory or business factors. Results will vary. Data compares the results of over 2,500 members enrolled in Lehigh Valley Flex Blue with members enrolled in a broad network PPO in the Lehigh Valley Flex Blue footprint from 2016-2018. While the employers are consistent from 2016-2018, some level of membership change is expected and has not been taken into consideration for analysis. Includes high cost claims. PMPMs are risk adjusted. Utilization per 1,000 members does not account for differences in risk profiles or prevalenceof chronic conditions. LVHN attribution is defined as members with claims in prior 12 months at LVHN and the LVHN Physician’s Health Organization (PHO).

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