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Highmark is here to help you make “back to work” as safe and smooth as possible. There are certainly a lot of things to consider — which is why we’ve compiled the following resources to guide you along the way. 

Remember, Highmark isn’t here to make the rules or provide advice specific to your business and workplace. We just want to lend a hand. Follow your state, city, or industry guidelines closely. 

Click on each link to open the resource. From there, you’ll be able to view the PDF or download it.

Resources for you

Getting Back to Business Guide

Getting Back to Business - a few more tips

Your guide to Highmark’s mental health resources

Resources for your employees

Highmark Resources

Resources to successfully work from home:

Work from Home guide

10 Tips for Leading a Virtual Meeting

Staying Connected to Your Team

Virtual Engagement

Tips for Staying Connected to Your Team

Security and Privacy

Enhancing Your Resilience

Managing Burnout

Resources for Workplace: Signage*

Keep us stronger. Wash hands longer.

Wash Hands

English - Espanol

Be consistent. Keep your distance.

Social Distancing

English - Espanol

On your break? Don't congregate.

Break Room Protocol

English - Espanol

Do your tasks. Wear your masks.

Mask Protocol

English - Espanol

Stem the tide. Two per ride.

Elevator Protocol

English - Espanol

Back to work. Safety first.

Entryway Signs

English - Espanol

Start your meetings with hands-free greetings.

Meeting Protocol

English - Espanol

*The tips and suggestions (hereinafter “tips”), including signage and other materials, provided to you are presented for your consideration only.  They are based on tips and guidance published by various associations and organizations or discussed in studies and articles on the subject.  Please assess whether the described tips or materials are appropriate for you.  Highmark makes no representation or warranty related to the described tips or materials. These tips and materials are not intended to situate Highmark as a provider of medical services or dictate the diagnosis, care or treatment. 

Back-to-school Toolkit

Get help making your school safer for students, teachers, and staff. Take a look at school signage, a teacher’s guide, and other helpful resources.

Back to school toolkit

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