Health Insurance Checklist for Employers

At Highmark, we put your employees' health at the center of everything we do. We want you to find the best health plan for your employees, and we offer tailored solutions to ensure that your employees get the high-quality care they need at a price that fits your budget.

With Highmark, you receive coordinated coverage, improved health outcomes, and affordable services. Here’s what to consider before making a choice.

How to Pick the Best Health Plan for Your Employees

When you're ready to buy health insurance, you need to understand:

Your industry

What challenges are associated with your industry? What risks? The same health plan might not make sense for a corporate office and a manufacturing facility.

The size of your company versus number of covered employees

When comparing health plans, consider the number of employees that need coverage, as well as their demographics and care needs. For example, you may only want to offer coverage for full-time employees

Coverage for employees' families or dependents

You will probably be covering more than just your employees. Are your employees mostly unattached millennials? Do your employees have growing families? Do they care for any disabled or older family members? These situations could affect your selection.

Location, location, location

Are most of your employees in one location, or are they spread across multiple ZIP codes or states? You may want to pick different group benefits based on employees’ locations, desired regional provider networks, and other criteria.

While Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is nationally accepted, there could be regional aspects to consider when it's time to enroll your company. Many of our health plans also offer global benefits.

Provider network options

Highmark's network includes access to quality care through a number of health systems and provider partnerships. Is out-of-network coverage important to your employees? 

Monthly premiums versus out-of-pocket costs

A lower premium often means higher out-of-pocket care costs. And a higher premium often comes with lower out-of-pocket care costs. How would you prefer to balance costs with your employees?

Considering this checklist is a great place to start, but sometimes there’s no substitute for speaking with an expert. We’re always available to help you evaluate which health insurance options are right for your companies' needs. Contact a Highmark representative today.

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